Established in 1999, Maike Welding Group is a group-oriented enterprise that produces diversified developments such as tungsten electrodes and welding machines, sales of welding consumables and welding accessories. The Group now has the largest tungsten electrode processing factory, advanced technology welding machine manufacturing factory and professional welding one-stop procurement foreign trade company. The enterprise competitiveness and product brand value are among the top in the national industry.

Maike Welding Group adheres to the development of the whole industry chain and builds a complete industrial chain of “welding machines, accessories and materials”. In the tungsten electrode plate of welding accessories, Maico Tungsten Electrode Industrial Park (Zibo, Shandong) has an annual output of 300 tons, providing products for aviation, aerospace, marine, automotive, petroleum, electric power, machinery, light industry and civil manufacturing. Services and solutions. In the welding machine manufacturing sector, as a vertical extension of the enterprise industry chain, Maike Welding Group wholly established Shenzhen Dasong Welder Manufacturing R&D Base (Shenzhen, Guangdong). The engineer R&D team has been working in the field of welding machines for 20 years. The products cover digital manual arc welding machine, digital full-function pulse argon arc welding machine, digital pulse AC/DC square wave argon arc welding machine, digital MIG/CO2 welding machine and digital pulse MIG welding machine. Inverter submerged arc welding machine and various internal combustion arc welding machines, automatic welding and cutting equipment. Applications cover a wide range of industries including shipbuilding, boilers, petroleum, chemicals, railways, construction, electricity, steel structures, metallurgy, and automobiles. In the welding consumables segment, Maike Welding Group established Shandong Baiyi International Trading Co., Ltd. (Shandong Zibo), relying on the product advantages of Maike Tungsten and Dasong Welder, and has now formed a one-stop procurement and sales system for welding. Products are exported to Europe, America, South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia and more than 100 countries and regions.


Since its establishment, the Group has been committed to revitalizing the Chinese national welding industry. In the course of more than 20 years of development, the Group has always adhered to the corporate tenet of “first-class quality, first-class brand, first-class service”, and always adheres to the scientific development of the company, and develops it as a good and fast. The main task is to always insist on the welfare of employees, the return of shareholders, and the contribution to society as a sacred mission.

Group Development Vision: Developed into a “Professional Welding Solution Provider” based on the world-famous “Professional Tungsten Electrode Manufacturer”.

Group development ideas: based on domestic and international, accelerate the pace of implementation of internationalization strategy. “Building a world-class enterprise and creating an internationally renowned brand”.

Looking forward to the future, Maike Welding Group is leading the overall situation with a global vision, open thinking and innovative spirit, adhering to the development strategy of “diversification, branding and internationalization”, and carrying forward the enterprise spirit of “integrity, dedication and innovation”. Independent innovation, focus on becoming bigger and stronger, and march towards the grand goal of “revitalizing national industry and achieving international brand”.


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