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Rhythm from weak to steady

The current tungsten market finally sees some signs of stabilization. With the increase in the processing fees of APT manufacturers, many companies have begun to hold on to their external quotations and have no intention to ship at low prices. Some traders who shipped at high prices in the early stages have also begun. Inquiry for replenishment, although the demand of downstream powder companies has not improved, they are also cautiously paying attention to the APT market, and will consider appropriate replenishment once it is stable and strong.     The current tungsten ore market continues to maintain stability. Although APT's increase in processing fees is good news for the APT market, it is not necessarily good for the tungsten ore market. If the downstream cannot accept the cost increase, they can only consider purchasing tungsten ore at a low price. The price of wolframite continues to maintain the price of 10.6-107,000/ton, and the price excluding tax is still around 1.5 yuan/kg.     The performance of the APT market has improved slightly. With the spread of the news about the increase in processing fees, some companies with purchasing needs have begun to inquire. Although it is difficult to buy in large quantities in the short term, the warmer than before has brought confidence and support to APT suppliers. Some companies began to insist on quoting 163,000/ton.     The powder market has not yet ushered in the improvement of new orders. Due to the delay in the replenishment demand of alloy companies, powder companies can barely maintain some small back-to-back orders that are just needed. The purchase of raw materials is also a period of time to replenish a truck. The market price of tungsten powder can still be maintained, and the price of tungsten carbide powder can only let the price take orders.     The export market is still hesitating, and some export companies continue to stick to their quotations. However, foreign companies know that the Chinese market is weak in the short term and the purchase inquiries are not very positive. However, it is expected that once domestic prices stabilize, foreign purchases and replenishment will follow.     Comprehensive analysis shows that the short-term tungsten raw material market coincides with the psychological threshold of 105,000 tungsten ore and APT 160,000/ton, and the timing coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday. Under the influence of multiple conditions, market confidence is expected to enter the stage of maintaining stability first. If the overall price is maintained before and after the holiday, there will be a chance to usher in a small amount of demand after the holiday. Once there is a quantitative support, the purchase and replenishment at home and abroad will be released normally, and the market step will be truly stabilized.

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