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Quotes at the end of the month rush to the end

The recent performance of the tungsten market was hot and cold. The APT market continued to increase its processing fee quotations under the stimulation of auxiliary materials, and continued to hit the 170,000/ton quotation at the end of the month. However, the subsequent reduction in the processing volume and the tight bulk supply. In addition, the limited power supply in the downstream alloy market has relatively weakened purchasing demand. Except for some that just need to gradually accept price increases, the overall market transaction volume is still low.     The tungsten ore market is currently maintaining stability as a whole. The price of black tungsten sand is still around 1.51 yuan/kg. Individual mining companies have a mentality of being reluctant to sell, and the short-term trading volume of the ore market is not large.     The APT market continues to push up the quotations significantly. With the increase in processing fees, some APT companies¡¯ quotations directly surpassed 170,000/ton. However, the downstream attitude is still dominated by a wait-and-see attitude. Except for the active follow-up by traders, powder processing companies are still hesitant. Thicker.     The powder market quotations have been raised one after another. Some companies are worried about the soaring APT price, which has greatly shortened the validity period of the quotation. Some companies have raised their quotations of tungsten carbide to more than 256 yuan/kg.     The alloy market has recently eased the power limit in Zhuzhou, but the power limit in Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang still continues. Some companies purchase generators to temporarily supplement them, but they are worried that the long-term power may not be able to guarantee the delivery of orders, which will delay the purchase demand. Release.     Comprehensive analysis, although the market transactions at the end of the month are basically not supported by volume, the enthusiasm of upstream companies for quotation still exists. It is expected that the APT market after the holiday is likely to hit the 170,000/ton mark, but whether subsequent orders can keep up depends on the alloy market. Otherwise, unilaterally pushing up the price may be difficult to exchange for quantitative support, and the long-term falsely high quotation will gradually lose its meaning.

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