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(9.25) Analysis Of Tungsten City: Stable Market Stalemate Demand To Enter

Last  week, the domestic tungsten market was stagnant. At the beginning of  the week, the tungsten ore end was slightly active. However, after the  trade friction between China and the United States was upgraded, it  quickly cooled down. Many manufacturers were very cautious even if they  had replenishment demand, and the most important thing was the terminal.  Demand  has not entered the market, which also makes many terminal  manufacturers are not optimistic about the market, most of them remain  on the sidelines, or operate cautiously, the purchase volume is on  demand, do not make excess inventory. Therefore, the current market situation has neither upward momentum nor significant decline.

The  domestic tungsten ore market has been very stable in the past month.  The reluctance of tungsten ore still brings great support to the  downstream market. After all, the production cost of tungsten ore is  increasing year by year, and now the pressure of miners is not high, and  the price of mines has fallen by nearly three. In  the month, the market decline prompted a large number of manufacturers  to clean up their own inventory, especially traders, and the rest are  some higher-cost inventory, so if there is no financial pressure, miners  will not choose here. At  the time of shipment, the trading price of tungsten ore at 65 degrees  is currently around 100,000/ton. After the current market stabilizes,  the enthusiasm of traders to participate in the market is not high.  Although the source is tightened, it is driven by the demand of the  downturn. The power is not enough, and the tungsten mine will maintain a stalemate in the short term.

At  present, the mainstream price of APT market is about 158,000 yuan /  ton, and the transaction is basically around this price. Last week, two  listed tungsten enterprises signed long orders, the price is 158,000  yuan / ton. Due to the difficulty in purchasing tungsten concentrates, The  price of APT is also relatively tight due to cost constraints, but the  APT demand is not prosperous, and the APT market is facing the risk of  upside down.

The  market for tungsten powder and rear alloy is similar. The price of  tungsten carbide is 248-251 yuan/kg, and the medium-grain tungsten  powder is 250-253 yuan/kg. The price has not changed, it is very strong,  but the demand has not increased significantly. The manufacturers are  not for the market. Very  optimistic, this is mainly because the order of the back-end products  is general, the demand is still in a light period, and whether the  demand market can pick up in October is worth noting.

In  summary, it is expected that the tungsten market will start smoothly  this week. Since only one week is the National Day holiday, the market  should not have too much volatility in such a short period of time.  Waiting and watching should be the main mentality of the manufacturers.

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