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Tungsten City Analysis: National Day Is Coming To The Market

Today,  the domestic tungsten market has changed little, the supply side still  maintains a tightening state, and the demand side has no obvious signs  of increase. The market looks very calm. Most of the market transactions  are based on a small amount of stocks for just-needed or National Day  holidays. Most  manufacturers do not have much operational intentions. The National Day  holiday is coming soon, and the market has entered the holiday state.

Tungsten  mines continue to be reluctant to sell, tungsten mines are still  subject to mining costs, and traders are mostly high-priced inventories,  which makes it difficult to purchase tungsten mines downstream. Even if  they can get tungsten ore, the price is not low, but the price is  difficult. Buying  is only relative to the manufacturers who buy the mine. After all,  there are not many manufacturers who actually enter the market at this  time. The market has a small amount of transactions, and the price has  moved up a little. The current price of 65-degree tungsten ore is around  101,000/ton. Recently,  the stability of the upstream tungsten mine has also brought some  support to the downstream, and the market is stable and running in the  short term.

The  APT market is very stable, the market is not much trading, most of the  transactions that just need to be generated, but as the tungsten  concentrate is difficult to find, the transaction price of APT is also  slightly raised, the price of 159,600,600 yuan / ton is mostly, 160,000  yuan. The  price of more than ton is more difficult to deal with, and the  downstream demand has not increased significantly. Therefore, APT has  fewer goods, and there is no problem in maintaining market stability.  However, it takes time if the reaction is active.

The  tungsten powder market is also very calm. From the feedback of the  powder and alloy factory, there is no obvious increase in orders, but  the price has stabilized and only needs to be restored. The current  price of tungsten carbide is maintained at 248-251 yuan/kg. The  price of granular tungsten powder is 250-253 yuan/kg. The raw material  is firm to support the powder. In the short term, the price is  worry-free, but most of the demand is mainly based on demand. Most of  the manufacturers will not prepare too much inventory, so the demand  will increase until the National Day. After the holiday.

In  summary, the supply and demand at both ends of the market are  relatively small, so the price is basically stable, but the market  transactions are not active, the intention of the manufacturers to  prepare the inventory is not high, in the short term, it is mainly based  on the demand, a small amount of stocking so as to be able to avoid  risks, so unless the demand Can  be improved, otherwise the price is difficult to have a large rebound  space, the force of the source pull will be smaller and smaller.

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