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(10.8) Tungsten City Analysis: Long Holiday Ends Market Opening And Closing

After  the end of the Oct holiday, the market also recovered from the  short-term rest state, but it will not immediately respond, and the  short-term wait-and-see will be the main epidemic.

Before  the holiday, the market will go up slightly. Whether it can continue to  be good after the holiday is worthy of attention. The market has  finally waited for the long-lost price to rise. The price of each  tungsten product is not up to the maximum. This is for the products  whose source is in a state of reluctance to sell. The  magnitude is still very small, so continuing to reluctantly sell should  be the main mode of operation of the manufacturer in the next market.

The  price of tungsten concentrate is about 101,000 yuan/ton, the price of  APT is 16-16.1 million yuan/ton, and the price of tungsten carbide is  about 250 yuan/kg. This price will be the mainstream price in the  post-holiday market, and the large tungsten enterprise will be on this  month. The half-month long list will also be signed this week, and it needs attention.

Therefore,  the market price remains stable, and the demand will not improve. It is  hard to say now, but if the price wants to maintain a steady upward  trend for a long time, the cooperation of demand is crucial, and whether  the terminal demand can be improved is also the most concerned by the  manufacturers.

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