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(10.29) Analysis Of Tungsten City: The Low Atmosphere Is Difficult To Eliminate

Last  week, the tungsten market was weakly stagnant. In this case, the first  month of the fourth quarter has ended, the tungsten market has not  improved, and the market support brought by the reluctance of tungsten  concentrates has lost its effect after the increase in tungsten ore  shipments, although tungsten concentrates The  output has not increased, and the recent shipments of miners are  relatively small, but for the depressed demand, it still appears to be  oversupply, and the market has a downward trend, which will increase the  cautious attitude of buyers, so that they can Manufacturers who buy goods also try to delay purchases, which further exacerbates the downward trend of the market.

Tungsten  concentrate market still has more shipments, and the price of mines has  declined slightly. The price of 65% black tungsten concentrate has  dropped from 102,000 yuan/ton at the beginning of the week to about  10-11,000 yuan/ton. The purchase price of the 55-grade black tungsten) is 102,200 yuan/standard tons. The  miners generally lack confidence in the market prospects, resulting in a  large number of shipments. However, as several major tungsten  concentrate purchasers gave stable long-term purchase prices, the market  price did not fall sharply, and the previous round of ore prices rose. Small, the space that the manufacturer can operate is also relatively small, so there is no condition for selling goods.

The  APT market is weakly stagnant, and the market turnover is relatively  small. At the beginning of the week, the price of the long-term purchase  order of Xiamen Tungsten Industry and Zhangyuan Tungsten Industry was  160,000 yuan/ton. The purchase price of Guangdong Xianglu Tungsten  Industry on Thursday was 163,500 yuan/ton. The  acceptance, so the market price is basically maintained at the current  amount of 160,000 yuan / ton, but now APT wants to sell more than  160,000 yuan / ton or more difficult, but this price is also less than  the number of people shipped, the alloy powder end demand is not Wang,  the price of tungsten carbide returned to below 250 yuan / kg, and some  low-priced transactions occasionally came out, buyers will try to lower  prices, which will bring downward pressure on the entire raw materials  market.

In  summary, the market is weak and the market is coming to an end in  October. From this week's market, the market situation is even less  optimistic. If demand continues to be sluggish, the market will be a big  test for manufacturers in the fourth quarter.

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