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(11.6) Analysis Of Tungsten City: Tungsten Enterprise Long Single Power Market Stable

On  Monday, the two major domestic listed tungsten enterprises signed  long-term purchase orders for raw materials, of which APT price was  160,000 yuan/ton, which was the same as the previous round price. It  exceeded market expectations and brought certain support to market  stability. The market also took advantage of the stability. The  bulk market is not warm, and most of the manufacturers have to wait  until the long-term price comes out, so the market is relatively calm.

The  shipment of tungsten ore has been reduced. After entering the winter,  the mining in the colder regions of the north is limited, and the output  of tungsten concentrate will decrease. However, after all, the main  producing areas are in the south, so the seasonal impact will not be  very high. Large,  the current market price of tungsten concentrate is chaotic, the recent  price of 10 -102,000 yuan / standard tons have been transmitted, but  the black tungsten standard ore 102,000 yuan / standard tons already  belong to a higher price, Zhang Yuan tungsten The  long-term quotation of the industry is 100,000 yuan/ton. There is a  trade manufacturer's reaction to the tungsten mine, but it is not good.  The reason for the bad harvest is that the volume of the market is not  much, and the price is difficult to talk about, so the tungsten mine There are no transactions in bulk cargo.

The  APT market is very calm. The long-term purchase orders of the two major  listed Tungsten enterprises in China are 160,000 yuan/ton. This price  has a strong supporting effect on the market. The bulk market is still  weak, and the price is difficult. Selling  160,000 yuan / ton, fewer downstream purchase orders, unless you have  to enter the market, otherwise buyers are mostly on the sidelines, so in  the short term, the APT market will remain stable and the price will  remain stable. At the level of 15.9-16 million / ton.

Tungsten  powder and the downstream market are not warm, trading has basically  come to an end two weeks ago, and will continue to be in the stage of  digesting inventory, but now the back-end manufacturers will not be  stocked, stocked, purchased multiple times. It  has become the normal state of purchase now. The price of tungsten  carbide is still 248-250 yuan/kg, and the medium-grain tungsten powder  is 250-252 yuan/kg. The upstream raw materials are supported, the powder  price will remain stable, and the market situation will be stable in  the short term.

In  summary, the supply and demand of tungsten market are not prosperous.  The long-term signing has certain supporting role for the market, but it  can only play a supporting role. If the market wants to stabilize and  rebound, it depends on the performance of the demand side.点击图标下载 App

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