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(11.15) Analysis Of Tungsten City: Weak Demand Continues Tungsten City Welcomes Winter

After  entering the fourth quarter, the tungsten market did not improve, and  the demand side continued to be weak. Some market participants described  the market as entering a “cold winter”. The buying and selling was  stagnant, and the powder alloy factory had few orders. What is more  worrying is that orders are not The  back end intends to delay the purchase, but there is no demand at all,  so for the next market, most people in the industry are not optimistic  about the market outlook.

The  tungsten ore market is quiet, selling less, buying less, only some  traders want to add some stock, but the price is difficult to talk  about, so the tungsten market has very little volume, thanks to the  shipment The  reduction of the price of tungsten concentrate can be maintained. At  present, the price of black tungsten standard mine is 99,000  yuan/standard tons, which is difficult to reach 100,000 yuan/ton. The  downturn in back-end demand still brings very much to the tungsten ore  end. Great pressure.

The  APT market is more deserted. Due to the lack of demand, there are very  few inquiries, so it is a bit difficult to sell goods at this time. The  downstream manufacturers will try to lower the price as much as  possible. The nominal price of the market is still 15.8-15.9 million  yuan/ton, but it is already very Difficult  to sell to this price, the smelter either choose to wait and see, or  choose to sell at a low price, so the next market will continue to be  under pressure.

The  orders for tungsten powder and back-end alloy plants are poor, which  makes the entire upstream market difficult to circulate. Many powder  alloy plants are seriously under-operated. This is due to the overdraft  of demand in the first half of the year and the other on the other. The  severe impact of the overall economic situation, although the  mainstream price of tungsten carbide is still maintained at 246-248 yuan  / kg, the medium-particle tungsten powder has already fallen back to  250 yuan / kg, due to few orders, so the manufacturer's offer is not  meaningful, The demand is not strong, the supply side can not provide support, and the downward pressure on the powder market is also great.

In  summary, the demand for tungsten is not good. It is not that the demand  of a certain manufacturer is not strong. Almost all back-end  manufacturers have insufficient feedback, which makes the whole industry  lack confidence. Therefore, the market is still more likely to suffer  from stalemate. .

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