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China's Independently Developed The Composite Rare Earth Tungsten Electrode Industrialized

Recently, China "ten five" 863 Program "study on key technology of multi-element composite rare earth tungsten electrode industrialized" through research cooperation,developed with independent intellectual property rights of multi-element composite rare earth tungsten electrode is a full-service industrial technology,you can achieve a replacement for thoriated tungsten electrodes.Tungsten electrode is a type of widely used argon-arc welding,plasma welding,painting,cutting technology and key source materials in the metallurgical industry,tungsten electrodes 70% above is still currently in use around the world have thoriated tungsten electrode of radioactive contamination,seriously pollute the environment and harm human health.The project research breakthrough has material components,and preparation process and equipment and detection equipment,core technology,invention has integrated welding performance is better than existing thorium tungsten electrode of multiple composite re tungsten electrode,development out preparation multiple re tungsten electrode of APT directly doping,and big temperature gradient restore,and low current vertical melt sintering,process technology,formed re tungsten electrode of industrial production process,achieved efficient production and process quality control.New type of multiple rare earth tungsten electrode has achieved industrial-scale production and bulk supply.

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