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Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes From The Stage Of History

From thoriated tungsten electrode has time to convert to ASP electrode.Ternary composite electrode is not just good for welder,and more importantly at the same time,the base metal welding provides a better welding properties.Thoriated tungsten electrodes have been all the rage, because all of the tungsten electrode,thoriated tungsten electrode excellent welding performance,low consumption and the like by welding of all ages.Now is no longer because thoriated tungsten electrodes containing thorium dioxide has traces of radiation,using the thoriated tungsten electrode of the welding industry for a long time,easy to get diseases such as leukemia.Developed countries in Europe and America,thoriated tungsten electrode has long banned the use,many manufacturers have spent much energy,invested heavily in research on new type tungsten electrodes instead of thoriated tungsten electrodes.

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