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Tungsten Market Analysis: The Transaction Is Almost Stagnant

Last  week, the tungsten market was as expected. Both ends of supply and  demand continued the weakness of last week. The supply side shipments  were few, especially the supply of tungsten concentrates remained tense.  Of course, the demand side performance was even more bleak, and some  back-end manufacturers described the market. It  can no longer be described by the light demand, the market can be said  to be very light, there is almost no order," the back-end market lacks  orders, manufacturers have no confidence in the market.

The  tungsten mine market is relatively flat. The tungsten mine market has  stabilized on Monday. Most traders report that tungsten mines are not  easy to receive, the price of goods received is not low, and most  tungsten traders are reluctant to The  price of the shipment, the price of 65 degrees black tungsten standard  mine is 9.9-100,000 yuan / ton, less purchases, less goods, the tungsten  mine market will still stand still.

The  price of APT declined slightly. The trading volume of bulk cargo was  very small. The transaction price of bulk cargo reached 158,000  yuan/ton. Although the actual transaction is not much, the impact of low  price on the market is still great, and the market has no mainstream. Quotations,  most manufacturers are waiting to see, because the problem of waste  slag in Jiangxi smelter has not been properly solved, with the extension  of time, many factories will have nowhere to go, although the smelting  end of the production capacity is larger, but subject to The  hero of tungsten mine reduction and environmental inspection, the  release rate of production capacity is not large, so there will be no  major imbalance in the supply of APT. In the short term, supply and  demand are tight, and the market continues to remain weak.

Tungsten  powder and the back end are extremely light. After entering the third  quarter, the market seems to have entered the “winter period”. Until  now, there is no sign of warming up. The price of tungsten carbide  powder is around 246 yuan/kg, and some manufacturers are priced at 245  yuan/kg. Below  this price can also be traded, but there is no order, the price is  meaningless, and with the arrival of December, the pressure on capital  withdrawal has begun to increase, and now the negative factors far  outweigh the positive factors, the pressure on the powder market is  still very large.

There  is little supply and demand in the market, except that the supply side  is intentionally tightened, and the demand is less than supply. In  addition to the intentional tightening of the demand side, the demand  for the next tungsten market will still be weak and stable. The  price will bring a lot of pressure on the market. As the year  approaches, the funding problem will become a factor affecting the  market. The long list of large-scale tungsten enterprises will also be  given this week.

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