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(11.28) Analysis Of Tungsten City: Both Ends Of Supply And Demand Are Not Active. The Market Is As Calm As Usual.

In  the first half of this week, the market remained basically stable. As  the market turnover was very small, the price did not fall further.  Although everyone is not optimistic about the market outlook, the raw  materials inventory of tungsten concentrate, APT and alloy end has been  in the second half of the year. It  has been consumed, and it is precisely because of the cautious attitude  towards the market outlook that the stock of raw materials has been  reduced a lot. Therefore, the conditions for mass dumping are not  sufficient, but the demand is not strong, and both ends of the supply  and demand are not active. It seems deserted.

The  tungsten ore market is very calm, the market seems to have stopped  buying and selling, or it is difficult to buy goods at a low price. The  sellers who want to sell goods at a slightly higher market price are  rarely picked up, so the market is somewhat deserted, and the price of  tungsten concentrate is very high. Still  in the 9.8-9.9 million yuan / standard tons, because the inventory of  tungsten miners is not too large, so as long as there is no financial  pressure, low prices will rarely be shipped, so the supply of tungsten  ore will still appear tight, this It  also brought certain support to the market. The capital situation of  the manufacturers in December became an important factor affecting the  market.

The  APT market is also very calm. In addition to the delivery of long  orders, there are few transactions in bulk cargoes. The low-priced  transactions that occurred in the past few days have also decreased. For  example, tungsten ore, the price of smelters below 156,000 yuan/ton is  not. Will  be shipped, and downstream purchases will try to reduce prices, and at  this time the buyer and seller's trading intentions are not high, so the  APT market is temporarily deadlocked, but it is worth noting that the  fund situation at the end of the year, because it has to go through the  New Year, so December Procurement  may be delayed until January of next year, which also increases the  financial constraints of the manufacturers to a certain extent, so this  aspect also needs attention.

The  tungsten powder market is relatively light, there is no new single  production, the end of the year is near, the problem of factory funds  affects the procurement and sales behavior, the price of tungsten  carbide is still maintained at 245 yuan / kg, medium grain tungsten  powder 247 yuan / kg, in the short term, As  the price of raw materials is temporarily stabilized, the powder market  is supported by certain prices, and the transaction will still be less,  and the stalemate will wait for demand to enter the market.

In  summary, the amount of tungsten available at the supply end of the  market is relatively small, and if the funds are not too much pressure,  the manufacturers will try their best to keep the price reluctant to  sell. The market is still in a tight supply and weak state in the short  term.

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