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(12.10) Analysis Of Tungsten City: Weak Supply And Demand At The End Of The Year

Last week, the tungsten market was weak. The market at the end of the year was very obvious. There were not too many operations at both ends of the supply and demand. There were very few people entering the market. Most of the manufacturers selling goods only had the capital demand to operate. The long list of large enterprises is still in operation. Quoting as usual, but such a weak demand has also put a lot of pressure on long-seller purchasers.

Last week, the tungsten ore market continued to be under pressure, and the price dropped slightly. It was mainly caused by the downward pressure on downstream purchases. Some manufacturers also reported that tungsten mines are still difficult to buy. The northern mines have entered a production stoppage period. Most of the mining enterprises will also have a first quarter of next year. A production period, so the supply of tungsten sand will not be too much in the next few months, but a small amount of tungsten sand is enough to make the price of time down compared to the weak demand. Now the price of the black tungsten standard mine It is 9.75-9.8 million yuan/ton, and the high price is lowered by 0.1 million yuan/ton. The low-cost shipment is small, but the high-level transaction is not easy.

In the APT market, there are very few transactions in the market. Most smelters will not sell if they have no financial pressure, and the downstream buyers will mostly wait and see. Field procurement, so the market supply and demand is not prosperous, tungsten powder market is probably similar, companies are busy with collections and other matters, some manufacturers have completed the year-long task, temporarily can not buy orders, and the manufacturers who want to take orders at this time is difficult Order at the market price, so the pressure is very high, now the price of tungsten carbide in the price of 242-243 yuan / kg, the price of tungsten powder in the grain is 243-245 yuan / kg, the actual transaction price is low.

In summary, the supply and demand of tungsten market are not prosperous. Manufacturers are more pessimistic about the future market. At this time, it is impossible to enter the market. Therefore, the next market is still under downward pressure. There will be a long-term tungsten enterprise at the beginning of this week. Please pay attention to the single purchase to be executed.

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