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Tungsten-rhenium Alloy Wire Applications In Electro-vacuum Technology

Tungsten and rhenium are high melting point metals,they are widely used in high-temperature areas.But they also have determined that pure tungsten brittle recrystallization temperature very low pure rhenium processing performance is very poor,very expensive.Their application range is limited.Tungsten and rhenium made various components of tungsten rhenium alloy,these alloy customer service has pure tungsten and pure rhenium of various shortcomings,has many excellent performance,as high melting point,and high strength,and high hardness,and high plastic,and high of again Crystal temperature,and high of thermoelectric potential value,and low of steam pressure,and low of electronic escape work and low of plastic-brittle change temperature,,colleagues they also has excellent of anti-"water cycle"reaction performance,price also than pure rhenium low 75-95%.Rhenium-tungsten alloys in electronics,thermal control,modern nuclear technology and space technology,temperature field,instrumentation,electrical and other cutting-edge sectors of science and technology has been widely applied.Matching tungsten-rhenium thermocouples particularly tungsten-rhenium alloy wire,with high thermoelectric power and sensitivity,and wide range of temperature, reflecting the fast,good corrosion resistance,good thermal transfer material is temperature field.

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