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  • Pure Tungsten bar
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    Pure Tungsten bar

    1.pure tungsten rods Tungsten - pure tungsten rod, pure tungsten plate, tungsten needle Tungsten is a high melting point, high temperature strength and creep resistance and thermal conductivity, conductivity and electron emission properties are good, than the major. low...Read More
  • Molybdenum Assembling Parts
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    Molybdenum Assembling Parts

    molybdenum assembling parts is the core component of microwave oven magnetron coil, we have the complete molybdenum assembling parts industry chain, high dimensional accuracy, resistance control precision, good high temperature performance, high surface finish, long service...Read More
  • Tungsten Plates
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    Tungsten Plates

    Application: Ion implantation suitable for processing parts, used in making electric light source parts and electric vacuum devices Used to make tungsten boat, high temperature furnace, heat shield and heating element. For tungsten, sputtering target materials Selects the...Read More
  • Pure Tungsten Rods
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    Pure Tungsten Rods

    high quality 99.95% pure tungsten bar Specification 1.Material: tungsten 2.Pure: 99.95% 3.Surface: black, burnishing, polishing Chemical Compositions Dimension & ToleranceRead More
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